Helping our community

Thanks to Tresha Souza founder of So Others May Eat our local homeless will not have to go hungry.  Tresha contacted us about making a cover for their new mobile grill donated to SOME by the Kiwanis club of La Jolla.  She and a group of volunteers have been setting up the kitchen for the hungry twice a week for the past nine years.  Our neighborhood has quite a few homeless people and can say first hand that they are misunderstood.  I have noticed that the majority of the people I have spoken to or observed are quite kind, respectful and generous.  I was happy to help out in a small way by making a cover for the mobile kitchen with the help of Keyston Brothers who donated the fabric.

The day I went to measure for the cover they had set up at Mission Bay.  Soon after she pulled up in the van towing the grill, people started pouring in from all directions to help set up for today’s meal which was lasagna.  Everyone seemed to know the routine and worked diligently to get everything in order before people started lining up.

Part of her success is that Tresha expects the visitors to participate in the effort.   She helps them by providing the food but even more by encouraging them to help themselves.  “They will help if given the opportunity” she explained.  One of the people who showed up while I was there to measure for the cover was Wayne who was early to set up the pantry.  “He came for four months but stayed for eight years,” Tresha said “he has been here every week since.”

I asked why Tresha started SOME and she said “I love god.” and “that God blessed me so I have to give back.”  Aside from the kitchen, Tresha is working on converting a used ambulance into a mobile hair salon.  She also shared with me that people who line up for food on a random day at the end of the year will be asked what they want for Christmas.  Like Santa Clause himself, she finds people to donate the things on the list then will surprise people on Christmas with the present they wished for.


If you would like to volunteer or make a tax deductible donation  you can contact SOME at: