The reason I make canvas covers is simple.  I love making things.  It is extremely rewarding to be able to help someone by using good design and craftsmanship.  I enjoy seeing a client delighted with the product I made for them that satisfied their unique requirements.

I started out in the custom canvas trade by learning the skill of fitting as an apprentice.  The task of the fitter is capturing the pattern and is one of the major facets of canvas cover construction.  Furthermore, the fitter is responsible for creating the nuances in pattern design that gives the work personality and functionality.  I would take the fabric roll to the work site then clamp or pin it right to the thing to be covered.  Once fastened in place, I would make all of the careful marks and notes that would be the beginning of the pattern.  This careful pinning, snipping, folding and marking is an art that is mastered through constant thought and practice.  Over the years, I have perfected all of the shop skills like sewing, layout and frame making.  More recently, I have added other more technological ways of pattern making and fabrication to my toolkit.  I have discovered that blending my time tested skill with new technology is what will get you the best results.

Joel Butler

Craftsman in charge

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