Machinery Custom Cover

Equipment Covers

Here’s a cover project that the requirements were simple.  Some heavy equipment needed to be protected from the rain grime and sun.  These tough covers had to be durable, easy to get on and remove and last in the constant sun.  We chose a 18 ounce heavy duty coated vinyl with an acrylic top coating.  This covers unique because it has a drain attached to relieve any chance of pooling on the bowl like top.

Charcoal Grey Sunbrella Outdoor Bar Cover

Big Bar Cover!

We got to make this charcoal grey bar cover for Carnitas’ Snack Shack on the Embarcadero.  The contractor sent us CAD files ahead of time and coordinated with us so that the cover could be done as soon as the bar was completed.  Restaurant covers have to be as easy as possible for the employees to put on and take off.  The covers main functions were to protect the bar area from dirt as well as keep people out of the bar area while it was put away for the night.  We also incorporated large mesh vents in the middle so any mop water underneath can evaporate.   A heavy duty cable was built into  the lower hem so that it could be secured at night.

Underwater Vehicle Cover

Alvin Cover

One of our favorite projects was getting to make a cover for the Alvin.  The Alvin is one of the worlds deepest diving submarines!.  It is famous for being the sub that first went down to explore the wreckage of the Titanic.  This submarine was commissioned in the 1960s’ and has been working hard ever since.  I got to take a tour of this national treasure and can say it is amazingly cramped inside.  The cover had to protect the submarine from dirt grime and sun but I was told a little water would be no problem 🙂